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SEC Filings

AURIS MEDICAL HOLDING AG filed this Form 424B3 on 04/26/2017
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(4)the occurrence of certain events of bankruptcy, insolvency, or similar proceedings with respect to us or any substantial part of our property; or


(5)any other Events of Default that may be set forth in the applicable prospectus supplement.


If an Event of Default (other than an Event of Default specified in clause (4) above) with respect to the debt securities of any series then outstanding occurs and is continuing, then either the trustee or the holders of not less than 25% in principal amount of the securities of all such series then outstanding in respect of which an Event of Default has occurred may by notice in writing to us declare the entire principal amount of all debt securities of the affected series, and accrued interest, if any, to be due and payable immediately, and upon any such declaration the same shall become immediately due and payable.


If an Event of Default described in clause (4) above occurs and is continuing, then the principal amount of all the debt securities then outstanding and accrued interest shall be and become due immediately and payable without any declaration, notice or other action by any holder of the debt securities or the trustee.


The trustee will, within 90 days after the occurrence of any default actually known to it, give notice of the default to the holders of the debt securities of that series, unless the default was already cured or waived. Unless there is a default in paying principal or interest when due, the trustee can withhold giving notice to the holders if it determines in good faith that the withholding of notice is in the interest of the holders.


Satisfaction, Discharge and Defeasance


We may discharge our obligations under each indenture, except as to:


·the rights of registration of transfer and exchange of debt securities, and our right of optional redemption, if any;


·substitution of mutilated, defaced, destroyed, lost or stolen debt securities;


·the rights of holders of the debt securities to receive payments of principal and interest;


·the rights, obligations and immunities of the trustee; and


·the rights of the holders of the debt securities as beneficiaries with respect to the property deposited with the trustee payable to them (as described below);






·all debt securities of any series issued that have been authenticated and delivered have been delivered by us to the trustee for cancellation; or


·all the debt securities of any series issued that have not been delivered by us to the trustee for cancellation have become due and payable or will become due and payable within one year or are to be called for redemption within one year under arrangements satisfactory to the trustee for the giving of notice of redemption by such trustee in our name and at our expense, and we have irrevocably deposited or caused to be deposited with the trustee as trust funds the entire amount sufficient to pay at maturity or upon redemption all debt securities of such series not delivered to the trustee for cancellation, including principal and interest due or to become due on or prior to such date of maturity or redemption;


·we have paid or caused to be paid all other sums then due and payable under such indenture; and


·we have delivered to the trustee an officers’ certificate and an opinion of counsel, each stating that all conditions precedent under such indenture relating to the satisfaction and discharge of such indenture have been complied with.